Sunday, March 27, 2016

Analogue Painting Challenge - the final tally

As I mentioned a long while back, I decided to participate in the Analogue Painting Challenge for 2015-16.  I set myself a goal of 500 points and wound up producing 675. I am quite proud of this and very much appreciate the kick in the pants it gave me to complete my Space 1889 painting.

Apart form Space 1889 and general VSF, I also managed to fit in some terrain for Chain of Command and a couple of vehicles for grunts.

The images following are a visual record of my production.

More Lead

Martian and Askari Artillery

Askari and more Artillery

Crocean Heavy Lancers

Hill Martian Lights

Guild Rifles

Hill Martian Light Cavalry

Grave Digger

The Mechanic


Lady in Green

Dapper Gent

Street tough

Not Preston Manning

Gentleman on the move

Anarchist Sniper

Barbed Wire

More Wire

The Black Beaks - Askari mounted

Hover APC Malta Pattern I

Hover APC Malta Pattern II

At times it took some pushing but on the whole, a good experience.  Thanks to Curt for running it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

TOR games survey

Via Trouble at T'mill

Tor games has a war gaming survey up which given their product lines has some VSF and Steampunk connections.  Go give it a look.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Analogue Hobbies - First Entry

As mentioned in a previous post, I entered the Analogue hobbies panting challenge as a way to push me to finish up my various armies.

Curt has asked for exclusivity on posts so I won't be posting any pictures here until after the competition is over. Please head over and look at some of the great work being done - most far better than mine.

Now in terms of 1889, this means:
  •  Askari foot are complete.
  • Hill Martian lights are complete.
  • Canal Martian lights are complete.
  • Lancers are almost complete. I tried printing some pennons but the laser printer ink cracked when I tried to drape them. I at least need to work on representing banner men.
  • Artillery is complete.
Next up for the competition are the Hill Martian light cavalry as planned but a last moment of weakness in 2015 means that there are also 8 mounted Askari on the way along with an assortment of wall guns and small cannon. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Worth sharing - Pushing Tin's Colonial campaign

If you have any interest in colonials (or VSF), go have a look at Pushing Tin - Campaign Anniversary. Stunning game pictures and excellent fluff, it is reminiscent of the Major General's work - but in 6mm. Inspirational.